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Bài tập trắc nghiệm đại từ quan hệ

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14. I apologized to the boy ______ book I borrowed.
A. which B. who C. whom D. whose
15. We’d like to buy the house______ overlooks West Lake.
A. who B. whose C. where D. which
16. The books _______ written by Jack London is very interesting.
A. which were B. were C. whose D. which
17. I am going to visit the town _____ I was born and grew up.
A. where B. which C. when D. who
18. This is Mary, ____ is taking over my job when I leave.
A. that B. which C. who D. whom
19. An architect is someone _____ designs buildings.
A. who B. that C. which D. it
20. I’ll never forget the place _______I first met you.
A. at where B. where C. at which D. on which
21. They asked me a lot of questions, _____ I couldn’t answer.
A. most of which B. of which most C. most of that D. of that most
22. That is the house in ______I used to live.
A. that B. which C. where D. there
23. The man _______ is my teacher.
A. who she is speaking to B. whom she is speaking with C. to whom she is speaking
D. to whom she is speaking with

24. Sunday is the day _______which we usually go fishing.
A. during B. at C. in D. on
25. The music ______ we listened last night was boring.
A. to which B. which to C. to that D. that
26. The man ______ I introduced you to last night is thoughtful.
A. whom B. that C. Ø D. all are correct
27. She couldn’t answer any question, _______made me surprised.
A. that B. it C. this D. which
28. The man is my teacher. I am grateful to him.
A. The man whom I grateful to him is my teacher. C. The man is my teacher who I am grateful.
B. The man whom I am grateful to is my teacher D. The man to him I am grateful is my teacher.

29. Ngoc is friendly. We are talking about her.
A. Ngoc, we are talking about, is friendly. C. Ngoc, about her we are talking, is friendly.
B. Ngoc, whom we are talking about, is friendly D. Ngoc, about whom we are talking, is friendly
( thầy ơi, em thấy phần D cũng đúng thầy ạ?)

30. A pilot is a person who flies an aircraft.
A. A person who called a pilot flies an aircraft. B. A person that flies an aircraft is called a pilot.
C. A pilot is someone who flies an aircraft. D. Both B and C are correct.

31. The woman _______next door is a famous singer.
A. lives B. who live C. living D. that living
32. The house ______ in the storm has now been rebuilt.
A. destroyed B. destroying C. which destroyed D. that is destroyed
33. The man ______ at the blackboard is our teacher.( vì khi chưa rút gọn là: the man who is standing at ....,rút gọn là bỏ who bỏ is)
A. stood B. stands C. standing D. to stand
34. Tom was the last ______the classroom yesterday.
A. to leave B. leaving C. left D. leaves
35. Linda was the last student ______ at the oral exam.
A. to be asked B. asking C. asks D. to ask
36. The bridge _____ by French architects is very nice.
A. was designed B. designing C. to design D. designed
37. The problems ______they are discussing at the meeting are very important.
A. who B. which C. Ø D. both B and C
38. Michael told me about students _______have just got the scholarship.
A. which B. Ø C. who D. whose
39. The ring ______ is made of gold and diamond.
A. she is wearing it B. he gave it to her C. Linda like D. she is wearing
40. The house ______ is situated in the city centre.
A. which B. we have just bought C. in where we live D. which we live
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