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Bài tập tìm lỗi sai trong đề thi môn tiếng Anh

Kina Ngaan

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Bài tập tìm lỗi sai trong đề thi là một dạng bài phổ biến và đặc biệt quan trọng. Để làm tốt các dạng bài này, cần nắm vững kiến thức về từ vựng và ngữ pháp để thực hành sao cho nhuần nhuyễn. Từ đó, ứng dụng vào bài tập để phát hiện lỗi sai. Củng cố thêm kiến thức về phần này, mời bạn đọc tham khảo bài viết dưới đây.

Question 1. It was inconsiderable of him not to call home and let his parents know wouldn't come back until the next day.
A. inconsiderable B. not to call C. wouldn't D. until

Question 2. It concerns many sociologists that inadequate parents skills may lead to an increase in the number of incidents of juvenile delinquency.
A. concerns B. parents skills C. incidents D. juvenile delinquency

Question 3. The keynote speaker started with the complementary remarks about the organizers of the conference, and then proceeded with her speech.
A. The keynote speaker B. complementary remarks C. organizers D. proceeded

Question 4. They have carried out exhausting research into the effects of smartphones on
schoolchildren's behavior and their academic performance.
A. exhausting B. into C. behavior D. academic performance

Question 5. Drawing on her own experience in psychology, the writer successfully portrayed a
volatile character with dramatic alternatives of mood.
A. in psychology B. portrayed C. character D. dramatic alternatives

Question 6. At the beginning of the ceremony, there was a respectable one-minute silence in
of the victims of the earthquake. A. the ceremony B. respectable C. in remembrance of D. earthquake

Question 7. Our grandfather, who had an excellent memory when young, has become very forgettable in recent years due to his old age.
A. excellent B. when young C. forgettable D. old age

Question 8. Thanks to advances in medical science, life expectation for both men and women has improved greatly over the past decades.
A. advances B. life expectation C. has improved D. past

Question 9. The villagers are highly appreciable of the volunteers' efforts in reconstructing their
houses after the devastating storm.
A. highly appreciable B. volunteers' efforts C. reconstructing D. devastating

Question 10. Vietnam recorded no fresh cases of COVID-19 over eight successful days.
A. recorded B. fresh C. over D. successful

Question 11. His eldest brother was the distinguishable singer and song writer Son Tung MTP.
A. eldest B. was C. distinguishable D. and

Question 12. Sociable distancing has prevented an estimated 70,000 people in Oregon from being infected with COVID-19.
A. Sociable distancing B. has C. an D. with

Question 13. The country has been in a very poor economical state ever since the decline of its two major industries as a result of Covid-19.
A. has been B. economical C. decline D. as a result of

Question 14. The most effective IT function is one that is responsible to the needs of the business it serves.
A. effective B. is C. responsible D. serves

Question 15. People who are obsessed with celebrities are more likely to engage in addicted use of social media, according to new research from Oxford University.
A. obsessed B. likely to C. addicted D. according to

Question 16. Many important historic documents were destroyed when the library was bombed.
A. Many B. historic C. were D. was bombed

Question 17. Many teenagers are surprisingly ignored about current politics.
A. are B. surprisingly C. ignored D. politics

Question 18. She was so upset when she talked about the fact that her boyfriend had cheated on her that she was hardly intelligent.
A. so B. when C. had cheated D. intelligent

Question 19. Despite strong demand for basic foods like dairy produces amid the coronavirus
pandemic, the milk supply chain has seen a host of disruptions.
A. Despite B. dairy produces C. the D. has seen

Question 20. It would seem more sensitive to do the research now before we start on the project.
A. seem B. sensitive C. do D. before

Question 21. Maths were one of his favorite subjects when he was at primary school.
A. were B. his C. subjects D. at

Question 22. My brother usually ask me for help when he has difficulty with his homework.
A. ask B. when C. has D. homework

Question 23. Teenagers is greatly influenced by not only their parents but also their peers.
A. is B. by C. parents D. peers

Question 24. Measles are an infectious disease that causes fever and small red spots.
A. Measles B. are C. infectious D. and

Question 25. The number of students attending English courses at our university are increasing.
A. students B. attending C. at D. are

Question 26. Each student have to write a paragraph about the benefits of learning English.
A. have B. paragraph C. benefits D. learning

Question 27. She always try to finish her homework before going to bed.
A. try B. her C. before D. going to bed

Question 28. My classmates is going on a trip to Cuc Phuong National Park this weekend.
A. My B. is C. a D. this weekend

Question 29. The vast majority of people in the bottom half of the world’s population was facing a daily struggle to survive, with 70% of them living in low-income countries.
A. majority B. was C. to survive D. living

Question 30. Mrs. Stevens, along with her cousins from New Mexico, are planning to attend the festival.
A. with B. from C. are D. attend

Question 31. Daisy enjoys going shopping, playing sports, and to hang out with friends in her free time.
A. enjoys B. shopping C. to hang out D. in

Question 32. For such a demanding job, you will need qualifications, soft skills and having full
A. such B. will need C. qualifications D. having full commitment

Question 33. To be successful in an interview, you should control the feeling of pressure and
making a good impression on the interviewer.
A. successful B. control C. making D. on

Question 34. All of the students in this course will be accessed according to their attendance,
performance and they work hard.
A. All of the students B. according to C. performance D. they work hard

Question 35. When precipitation occurs, some of it evaporates, some runs off the surface it strikes, and some sinking into the ground.
A. When B. some C. the D. sinking

Question 36. According to most doctors, massage relieves pain and anxiety, eases depression and speeding up recovery from illnesses.
A. most doctors B. relieves C. speeding up D. illnesses

Question 37. We admire Tony for his intelligence, cheerful disposition and he is kind.
A. for B. intelligence C. disposition D. he is kind

Question 38. Many teenagers show signs of anxiety and depressed when being asked about their future.
A. teenagers B. anxiety C. depressed D. being asked

Question 39. For thousands of years, man has created sweet-smelling substances from wood, herbs, and flowers and using them for perfume or medicine.
A. man B. sweet-smelling C. using D. or

Question 40. Some methods to prevent soil erosion are plowing parallel with the slopes of hills, to plant trees on unproductive land, and rotating crops.
A. Some B. to prevent C. to plant D. rotating

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