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Write Me đề 3 : Happy New Year


New member

Dear all,
I’m very happy to know that you are enjoying the lunar New Year with your families. I’m very curious and want to know what you often do on this occasion.
Last night, I had a special dream and now I can’t wait to tell you. It was at night. I was sleeping, then suddenly opened my eyes and saw a graceful white horse with broad wings standing by my bed. “Hi, I’m here to bring you luck”, he said with a gentle smile and twinkle blue eyes. I couldn’t say a word and just wanted to feel his smooth fur, so I gave my hand up.
Guess what! When I touched him, lots of presents appeared.So magic!​
This dream is weird, isn’t it? My daddy said that horse is the symbol of this lunar year in your country and I was blessed to see such a beautiful angle. I was very excited and wishing for the best things in this New Year. I hope, that angle will come back in some next days.
I wish you a happy new year.

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