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Luyện thi đại học - Number 11


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Choose the sentence of the same meaning.

1. I remember Jane telling him about the meeting, even though he says she didn't.
A. He denies having told about the meeting, but I recall hearing Jane tell him about it.
B. He says that I didn't remember to tell Jane about the meeting, but I did.
C. I reminded Jane to tell him about the meeting, even if he claims she didn't do it.
D. I remember Jane, who told him about the meeting, but he says he doesn't.

2. Arguing with the boss has considerably reduced his chances of promotion.
A. He would definitely have been promoted by now if he hadn't quarrelled with the boss.
B. The likelihood of his being promoted has significantly decreased because of his arguments with the boss.
C. His promotion was certain until he had a dispute with the boss.
D. He argued with the boss about why he wasn't considered for promotion.

3. It was under a fortnight before his final exams when Jim began to regret not having studied sufficiently.
A. Although he worked hard for almost two weeks before the finals, Jim still didn't pass them.
B. Jim felt sorry because he hadn't done any work until two weeks before the final exams.
C. There was less than a fortnight's time before the finals, but Jim hadn't even started studying for them.
D. Jim started to wish, less than two weeks before he took them, that he had done more work for his finals.

4. It's no use talking to her because she'll do as she pleases whatever we say.
A. Nothing we can say will make her change her ways, so it's pointless for us to say anything.
B. It makes no difference who talks to her because she refuses to listen to either of us.
C. We've told her it's not important, and we don't need to say anything more about it.
D. She only cares about herself and never talks to either of us.

5. His giving in his resignation took his work colleagues completely by surprise.
A. He surprised all of his work colleagues by taking so long to resign.
B. According to his co-workers, his resigning from his job was completely unnecessary.
C. His co-workers hadn't expected him to resign from his job at all.
D. None of his work colleagues could understand the actual reason for his resignation.

6. Apart from being conveniently located near the beach, that hotel has nothing about it to make me recommend it to you.
A. The only feature of that hotel that I can recommend to you is that it's close to the beach.
B. The hotel I've recommended to you is very comfortable as it is near the beach.
C. As regards a hotel, nothing is more important for me than its being close to the beach.
D. The beach near that hotel doesn't have anything special that I can recommend to you.

7. For reason of hygiene, it's forbidden to try on the earrings in the jewellery department.
A. Customers who care for hygiene are advised in the jewellery department not to try on any earrings.
B. Earrings are considered unhygienic and so forbidden for sale in this jewellery department.
C. Because it is not hygienic, customers in the jewellery department are not allowed to try on the earrings.
D. Being hygienic in the jewellery department is the decision of the customer and not the management.

8. Sometimes having professional assistance with your CV can increase yout chances of finding a job.
A. Having your CV professionally prepared determines whether you'll get the job or not.
B. The prospects for finding employment can possibly be enhanced by a professionally-produced CV.
C. Having a professional help you with your CV is a sure way to find a job.
D. Without a professional CV, it is impossible to find a job.

9. The sound of our voices was completely drowned by the roar of the machinery.
A. We tried hard to hear each other above the deafening machines.
B. We knew that the machines would drown out our conversation, so we didn't try to speak.
C. Because the machines were so deafening, our voices seemed rather faint.
D. The machines were making such a loud noise that we couldn't hear each other.

10. She never lets her daughter participate in an activity unless it is under the supervision of an aldult.
A. She always takes her daughter to activities which are supervised by grown-ups.
B. As long as she herself is present at the activity, she permits her daughter to join in.
C. The only activities in which she allows her daughter to take part are those watched over by a grown-up.
D. If an older person is in attendance, she usually agrees to her daughter's participation in activities.

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