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Đề cương ôn tập học kì I môn Anh

Để củng cố kiến thức về từ vựng cũng như ngữ pháp của học kì I, mời các bạn tham khảo đề cương ôn tập học kì I nhé

Đề cương ôn tập học kì I.jpg


I.Choose the word having the underlined part pronounced differently from the others.

1.A. distinguished B. result C. generosity D. respectable
2.A. waver B. reputation C. creativity D. character
3.A. congestion B. ambition C. influential D. determination
4.A. wear B. clear C. fear D. rear
5.A. around B. sound C. thousand D. souvenir
6.A. post B. close C. police D. phone
7.A. mild B. mildew C. mile D. pile
8.A. dispose B. soot C. lifestyle D. conserve
9.A. renewable B. deplete C. replenish D. preservation
10.A. influenced B. terrified C. averaged D. accompanied
11.A. attitude B. advent C. advantage D. mass
12.A. subscribe B. connect C. documentary D. efficient
13.A. integrate B. national C. assimilate D. migration
14.A. custom B. cultural C. ancestor D. intellectual
15.A. unique B. spirit C. worship D. ethnic

II.Choose one word having the position of the main stress that is different from that of the rest.

1.A. nationality B. globalization C. flexibility D. solidarity
2.A. documentary B. identity C. assimilate D. diversity
3.A. achievement B. encourage C. integrate D. tradition
4.A. identifier B. multicultural C. agricultural D. international
5.A. prevent B. event C. advent D. emerge
6.A. challenge B. proficiency C. efficiency D. society
7.A. perseverance B. preservation C. environment D. awareness
8.A. habitat B. promotion C. bronchitis D. replenish
9.A. benefit B. organic C. generate D. biomass
10.A. expand B. migrate C. effect D. double

Choose the best option to complete the following sentences.

1.In 1921, Phan Boi Chau studied socialism and the Soviet Union in ___ assistance from the Soviet Union or socialist groups.
A. hope to gain B. hope of gaining C. the hope of gaining D. the hope to gain

2. Nguyen Hue invited ___ scholars at that time: Nguyen Thiep, Tran Van Ky, and Ngo Thoi Nham.
A. θ B. that C. some D. the

3. Dr Jane Luu ___ the huge telescope at the University of Hawaii while she ___ for any bodies beyond Neptune.
A. was using – searched B. used – had searched
C. used – was searching D. had used – searched

4. I first met her four years ago when we ___ at a middle school.
A. had been studying B. are studying
C. have been studying D. were studying

5. When Jane Luu ___ as a graduate student at MIT, David Jewitt ___ there as a professor.
A. enrolled – was working B. had enrolled – was working
C. was enrolling – had worked D. enrolled – has worked

6. What would you like to have for ___ lunch?
A. the B. a C. an D. no article

7. We visited ___ Taj Mahal in India and climbed ___ Mount Everest.
A. the / the B. the / X C. X/ X D. X/ the

8. I ___ my teeth when I ___ dinner.
A. break / am having B. broke / was having
C. broke / am having D. was breaking / had

9. ___ kangaroos are found only in ___ Australia.
A. The / X B. A / X C. The / the D/ X / X

10. Carol could meet her husband while she ___ in Europe.
A. was travelling B. travelled C. has been travelling D. were travelling

11. If the weather ___ so bad, we would have gone out.
A. isn’t B. weren’t C. had been D. hadn’t been

12. I got a huge surprise last week. My cousin from Australia arrived on my doorstep, completely ___ . He was the last person in the world I expected to see.
A. in the red B. out of blue C. red, white and blue D. in a blue moon

13. Of all the paintings in the gallery, it was this one that really ___ my eyes.
A. grasped B. snatched C. caught D. seized

14. ___ you ___ Chinese food yet?
A. Do / eat B. Have / eaten C. Are / eating D. Did / eat

15. He ___ into the restaurant when the writer was having dinner.
A. were going B. went C. has gone D. go

16. Take a short break. You ___ all day.
A. work B. are working C. have been working D. were working

17. The car burst into ___ but the driver managed to escape.
A. flames B. burning C. heat D. fire

18. I get on well with my mother. We ___ on most things.
A. see eye to eye B. are all eyes
C. meet each other’s eyes D. keep our eyes peeled

19. The young man ___ with our principal is our new teacher of English.
A. has been talking B. having talked C. talking D. to talk

20. The bank won’t lend you the money without some ___ that you will pay it back.
A. profit B. guarantee C. charge D. interest

21. I woke up late for my interview because I ___ about it all night and didn’t get much sleep.
A. worried B. had been worrying C. have been worrying D. had worried

22. ___ rare artifacts were they that the museum decided to insure them.
A. So B. Too C. Such D. Very

23. It’s about time you ___ yourself a job.
A. got B. get C. will get D. had got

24. His parents insisted that he ___ a job and settle down in a big city.
A. finds B. found C. find D. will find

25. Given the rapid growth of our population, there is a ___ need to improve our infrastructure.
A. pressing B. huge C. catastrophic D. booming

26. Look ___! The tree is going to fall.
A. over B. off C. in D. out

27. The __ he is, the more miserable he gets.
A. richer B. more riches C. more rich D. none is correct

28. My father ___ to the Golf Club for the past twenty years.
A. was belonging B. has belonged C. has been belonging D. has belonging

29. I ___ a terrible accident while I ___ on the beach.
A. see / am walking B. have seen / were walking
C. was seeing / walked D. saw / was walking

30. A mountain climber needs to be cool – headed and ___
A. open – minded B. well – known
C. strong – willed D. thought – provoking

31. It is recommended that people ___ regular exercise.
A. took B. take C. are taking D. is taking

32. The police suggested that anyone who saw the accident ___ in touch with them.
A. get B. to get C. had to get D. would get

33. The parents insist ___ homework regularly.
A. that the students do B. that the students does
C. the students to do D. that the student is doing

34. The teacher always ___ that the students make an outline before writing the complete essay.
A. reports B. tells C. says D. recommends

35. They ___ that the theater be demolished to make way for the new shopping center.
A. proposed B. promised C. hoped D. tendered

36. He asked reporters to provide him with ___ numbers on urban percentages.
A. dated B. up – to – mind C. out – of – date D. up – to – date

37. It is desirable that the plane ___ as light as possible.
A. be B. is C. was D. were

38. Traffic congestion has become a major issue, while schools and hospitals are ___
A. overbearing B. overdone C. overdeveloped D. overloaded

39. Her doctor suggested he ___ there.
A. not stayed B. won’t stay C. not stay D. not go to stay

40. It is imperative that this letter ___ immediately.
A. were sent B. sent C. was sent D. be sent

41. We should reuse old items ___ we throw them out.
A. when B. until C. before D. after

42. Employees are supplied with reusable coffee cups ___ they will use fewer disposable cups.
A. although B. but C. when D. so that

43. Many native plants have been seriously ___ by the introduction of exotic plants which are taking over.
A. depleted B. caused C. disposed D. spoilt

44. You should ___ your car with petrol before starting on a journey.
A. deal B. supply C. replenish D. offer

45. These eggs come from free – range chickens ___ eat only organic grains.
A. which B. what C. who D. they

46. Your computer may go to sleep, ___ it’s still consuming energy.
A. but B. although C. so D. when

47. We should keep our freezer full ___ it runs more efficiently than an empty one.
A. why B. and C. so D. because

48. On hearing the news she fainted and it was half an hour before she came ___again.
A. round B. up C. over D. forward

49. British and Australian people share the same language, but in other respects they are as different as ___
A. cats and dogs B. chalk and cheese C. here and there D. salt and pepper

50. In the future cars will still be with us, but instead of petrol, they could run ___anything from electricity to methane gas.
A. in B. on C. from D. by

51. Having ___ his heart on university, he’d be upset if he didn’t get in.
A. laid B. set C. fixed D. positioned

52. He’s very optimistic with a very positive ___ on life.
A. outlook B. position C. point of view D. stance

53. Do you know anywwhere I can ___ a decent guidebook?
A. make up for B. take time over C. get hold of D. catch up with

54. He spends most of his spare time with his ___ stuck in a book.
A. eye B. face C. mind D. nose

55. He’s a bit timid and hasn’t yet ___ the courage to apply for the job.
A. put on B. caught up with C. plucked up D. carried through

56. There was no food in the refrigerator, so she had to visit the grocery store to ___their supply.
A. replace B. make full C. fulfill D. replenish

57. Plant shade trees to reduce summer heat ____ reduce watering needs in summer months.
A. and B. but C. so D. or

58. Cutting back on red meat consumption can reduce your intake of fat, sodium and sugar ___ can cause obesity, heart disease, and cancer.
A. that B. which C. what D. it

59. We should recycle paper and use longer – lasting ____
A. products B. items C. tools D. materials

60. One of the easiest ways teens can go green is simply ____ the lights.
A. turning off B. turn off C. to turn off D. that turns off

61. There was a knock on the door while we ___ the game show on TV.
A. were enjoying B. enjoyed C. had enjoyed D. had been enjoying

62. Barbara is motivated to study ____ she knows that a good education can improve her life.
A. therefor B. because of C. because D. so

63. It was essential that we ___ the lease before the end of the month.
A. sign B. signed C. had signed D. were signing

64. After you ____ , it automatically connects you to all the people in your address book who also are using WhatsApp.
A. log out B. sign up C. start D. access

65. Don’t regard it ___ a failure, but recognize it ___ a chance to learn more.
A. as – as B. as – to C. by – on D. to – as

66. She blamed ___ me ___ not explaining the lesson ___ her carefully.
A. on – for – to B. for – on – for C. Ɵ – about – for D. Ɵ – for – to

67. This social network – Linkedin – basically lets you ___ with people in a professional way.
A. join B. connect C. relate D. associate

68. Today, more than 1 billion people use WhatsApp to communicate ___ their friends, loved one and even customers.
A. to B. with C. for D. in

69. I have not heard --- my brother for ages.
A. of B. for C. from D. to

70. Throughout his long life, John met hundreds of people, but he never truly found a person to share his life ___
A. about B. on C. with D. between

71. Betty gets up very early to prepare ___ work.
A. of B. to C. in D. for

72. Youtube is known for allowing people to ____ their own videos and share them with the world.
A. make B. let C. have D. create

73. It is hard to ____ life in modern society without smartphones.
A. take care B. care C. imagine D. allow

74. Bob has a lung cancer and his doctor advised him to ____ smoking.
A. turn up B. give up C. take up D. put up

75. I’m sorry, but I’ve got ____ much work to do to come to the beach today.
A. too B. such C. enough D. so

76. I’m not surprised Margaret’s ill. With all the voluntary work she’s ___, she’s really been doing too much.
A. taken off B. taken in C. taken on D. taken to

77. ___ the final score, I’m sure this will be an exciting game.
A. In spite of B. Regardless of C. Apart from D. Except for

78. He tried to make out that the fake painting he had ____ genuine.
A. to be B. being C. been D. was

79. We need to ____ allowances for extraordinary situations like Hawaii.
A. have B. give C. make D. do

80. The picnic was okay, but I’d rather ____ to a movie.
A. go B. be going C. have gone D. went

81. Increasing your vocabulary will make it easier for you to ___ reading comprehension skills.
A. fit B. allow C. use D. assimilate

82. They go to church every Sunday to ___ their God.
A. celebrate B. worship C. support D. follow

83. I can’t believe that you ___ all the three exercises. You just started 5 minutes ago.
A. have finished B. have been finishing C. finished D. are finishing

84. Their children ___ lots of new friends since they ___ to that town.
A. have made – moved B. were making – have moved
C. made – are moving D. made – have been moving

85. In some parts of the country, prices are ___ than in others.
A. high B. more and more high C. the highest D. higher and higher

86. There were a lot of people on the bus. It was ___than usual.
A. crowded B. more and more crowded C. a bit crowded D. the most crowded

87. Culture is the lens with which we evaluate everything around us; we ___ what is proper or improper, normal or abnormal, through our culture.
A. express B. evaluate C. calculate D. signal

88. Cultural identity must be ___ and locals should be encouraged to continue their traditions in the wake of tourism.
A. protected B. insured C. assured D. confirmed

89. Combining physical activity with a healthy diet is the best way to ___ a healthy body weight.
A. provide B. support C. maintain D. express

90. We think they ___ all that is necessary.
A. have done B. doing C. had done D. would do

91. “Where’s Tom?”. “He ___ to the travel agent’s, and he hasn’t come back”
A. has been B. has been going C. has gone D. had gone

92. Unfortunately, her illness was ___ than we thought at first.
A. serious B. serious and serious
C. more and more serious D. the most serious

93. It gets ___ to understand what the professor has explained.
A. most difficult B. mostly difficult
C. the most difficult D. more and more difficult

94. “Is this your watch?”. “_____”
A. I’m sorry I’m late B. It’s nine o’clock
C. I won’t be late D. I think it’s Kim’s

95. The Vietnamese people still follow the ___ of giving lucky money to children during the Tet Holidays.
A. custom B. practice C. costume D. usual

96. Many ethnic groups find it important to ____ their own language or ___ their culture.
A. maintain / create B. maintain / preserve C. create / protect D. keep / increase

97. We ___ such an impressive tomb before.
A. have never seen B. have never been seen C. never see D. had never seen

98. He has taken it ___ that his friends would be kind to him.
A. for granted B. into account C. into consideration D. for grant

99. Never before ___ such a beautiful waterfall.
A. have I seen B. do I see C. that I have seen D. I have seen

100. Why did Tom making jokes about me? I don’t enjoy ___ at.
A. be laughed B. to be laughed C. laughing D. being laughed
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