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Bài tập về từ đồng nghĩa và trái nghĩa

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Từ đồng nghĩa và trái nghĩa là một dạng bài quan trọng trong đề thi. Ôn tập dạng này sẽ học thêm được từ vựng để làm bài đọc hiểu. Để giúp bạn thêm kiến thức về làm dạng bài này, mời bạn tham khảo đề thi dưới đây.

Mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the word(s) CLOSEST in meaning to the underlined word(s) in each of the following questions.

1. He drives me to the edge because he never stops talking.
A. frightens me B. moves me
C. irritates me D. steers me
2. This college emphasizes the primacy of teaching over research
A. give it a primary stress
B. make it most important
C. make it important at first
D. make it most importance
3. Most bear species are omnivorous, but individual diet can range from almost exclusively herbivorous to almost exclusively carnivorous, depending on what food sources are available locally and seasonally.
A. concerning easily attacking passers-by
B. relating to eating meat and plants
C. having to do with food near and all year
D. involving sleeping in winters
4. I'm a bit wary of giving people my address when I don't know them very well.
A. cautious B. upset
C. willing D. capable
5. It was great to see monkeys in their natural habitat.
A. sky B. land
C. forest D. home
6. In English, the subject precedes the verb.
A. comes first B. comes before
C. be in front D. comes after
7. Before he went on vacation, Peter left explicit instruction for the decoration of his office.
A. clear B. colorful
C. vague D. direct
8. The earthquake caused great devastation in California.
A. confusion B. gaps
C. ruin D. movement
9. He is from such an unemotional family, he will never learn to unleash his feelings.
A. describe B. conceal
C. release D. extend
10. Scientist often forecast an upswing in an economy after a protracted slow down.
A. an improvement B. a reform
C. inflation D. a decline
11. Experts hope that the vaccine will be mass-produced in the near future.
A. produced in great numbers
B. produced with high cost
C. produced in small numbers
D. produced cheaply
12. Many women faced hurdles in the business world, especially problems in raising money.
A. small group B. questions
C. fences D. obstacles
13. American children customarily go trick or treating on Halloween.
A. inevitably B. readily
C. happily D. traditionally
14. They are going to suffer a lot of criticism for increasing bus fare.
A. get into B. stand in with
C. come in for D. put across
16. With supertankers carrying vast quantities of oil, fog increases the possibility of catastrophic oil spill.
A. inevitable B. accidental
C. disastrous D. unexpected
17. Our excellent natural resources paved the way for the development of abundant capital to increase our growth.
A. paid for B. supported
C. accumulated D. resembled
18. Ponce de Leon searched in vain for a means of rejuvenating the aged.
A. making young again
B. making merry again
C. making wealthy again
D. making weary again
19. Mr.Young, general manager of the emergency response division of AMSA, said that the debris was spotted along a busy shipping route and could be containers that had fallen off cargo vessels.
A. seen B. collected
C. shot D. analyzed
20. Every time he opens his mouth, he immediately regrets what he said. He is always putting his foot in his mouth.
A. speaking indirectly
B. making a mistake
C. saying embarrassing things
D. doing things in the wrong order
21. During the earthquake, a lot of buildings collapsed, which killed thousands of people.
A. fell down unexpectedly
B. went off accidentally
C. exploded suddenly
D. erupted violently
22. Although they had never met before the party, Jim and Jane felt strong affinity to each other.
A. attraction B. moved
C. interest D. enthusiasm
23. I’m becoming increasingly absent-minded. Last week, I locked myself out of my house twice.
A. often forgetting things
B. being considerate of things
C. forgetful of one’s past
D. remembering to do right things
24. Vietnamese authorities on Thursday said tests found a considerable amount of beef sold in Hanoi was actually pork and buffalo meat.
A. significant B. indispensable
C. insubstantial D. excessive
25. Work efficiency has increased exponentially each year, thanks to computers and their ability to
A. at a very fast rate B. slightly
C. constantly D. at a very slow rate

Mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the word(s) OPPOSITE in meaning to the underlined word(s) in each of the following questions.

1. The victims on the flight MH370 were thought to be in desperate hours before the airplane might have disappeared into nowhere.
A. resilient B. useless
C. anxious D. distressed
2. She was unhappy that she lost contact with a lot of her old friends when she went abroad to study.
A. made room for B. put in charge of
C. kept in touch with D. lost control of
3. Polluted water and increased water temperatures have driven many species to the verge of extinction.
A. enriched B. contaminated
C. purified D. strengthened
4. During the five-decade history, the Asian Games have been advancing in all aspects.
A. holding back B. holding at
C. holding by D. holding to
5. He was arrested for his illicit drug trade in the police raid yesterday.
A. legal B. irregular
C. elicited D. secret
6. I eat lunch with a convivial group of my friends.
A. unsociable B. large
C. old D. lively
7. For most male spiders courtship is a perilous procedure, for they may be eaten by females.
A. complicated B. dangerous
C. safe D. peculiar
8. He didn’t bat an eye when he realized he failed the exam again.
A. wanted to see B. was shocked
C. was happy D. wanted to cry
9. Every woman who had enough criteria can join the beauty contest irrespective of their background.
A. under guarantee B. in consideration of
C. regardless of D. on account of
10. In remote communities, it’s important to replenish stocks before the winter sets in.
A. empty B. remake
C. repeat D. refill
11. Because Jack defaulted in his loan, the bank took him to court.
A. was paid much money
B. paid in full
C. had a bad personality
D. failed to pay
12. It is very conceited of you to assume that your work is always the best.
A. modest B. big-headed
C. proud D. reserved
13. Doctors have been criticized for their indiscriminate use of antibiotics.
A. disciplined B. selective
C. wholesale D. unconscious
14. Because China rises, people can anticipate that more and more people will speak the Chinese language.
A. doubt B. assume
C. predict D. expect
15. “Be quick! We must speed up if we don’t want to miss the flight.”
A. turn down B. slow down
C. look up D. put forward
16. She decided to remain celibate and devote her life to helping the homeless and orphans.
A. divorced B. single
C. separated D. married
17. She performed all her duties conscientiously.
A. insensitively B. irresponsibly
C. liberally D. responsibly
18. Fruit and vegetables grew in abundance on the island. The islanders even exported the surplus.
A. small quantity B. sufficiency
C. excess D. large quantity
19. The International Organizations are going to be in a temporary way in the country.
A. permanent B. guess
C. complicated D. soak
20. If you are at a loose end this weekend, I will show you around the city.
A. free B. confident
C. occupied D. reluctant
21. Do you know of any actual cases of this happening?
A. false B. untrue
C. hypothetical D. imitate
22. He was not a good father. He neglected his children.
A. punished B. blamed
C. took care of D. disregarded
23. We didn’t plan to meet each other. We just met accidentally.
A. intentionally B. simultaneously
C. hurriedly D. coincidentally
24. The smell of the fish put me off the meal.
A. interested me
B. made me unable to eat the meal
C. made me want to eat the meal a lot
D. made me feel hungry
25. There is growing concern about the way man has destroyed the environment.
A. ease B. attraction
C. consideration D. popularity

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