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Bài tập về Collocations (Kết hợp từ)

Kina Ngaan

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Collocation là sự kết hợp các từ với nhau thành những cụm từ một cách tự nhiên theo thói quen của người bản xứ. Collocation (Kết hợp từ) có những ảnh hưởng rõ rệt tới việc sử dụng ngôn ngữ một cách hiệu quả của người học. Trong các đề thi, collocation rất quan trọng, vì vậy hãy nắm vững. Để giúp bạn trong quá trình học dạng này, mời bạn tham khảo các bài tập về collocation sau đây.

Question 1. People usually look through travel ________ to decide on their holiday destinations.
A. catalogues B. brochures C. handbooks D. lists

Question 2. You’ll really have to work hard if you want to make the ________ as a journalist.
A. mark B. term C. grade D. degree

Question 3. You can’t believe a word that woman says – she is ____ liar.
A. dedicated B. committed C. compulsive D. devoted

Question 4. There can be no _____ fixes or magic solutions to the problem of unemployment.
A. quick B. sudden C. speedy D. fast

Question 5. The latest heritage at risk register revealed that 5,831 listed buildings, monuments,
archaeological sites, and landscapes in England are at ________ of being lost.
A. edge B. risk C. ease D. danger

Question 6. The police are trying to determine the _______ of events that led up to the disappearance of the child.
A. series B. ranges C. courses D. sequences

Question 7. The detective checked everyone’s story and by a _______ of eliminations they were left with on suspect.
A. time B. period C. progress D. process

Question 8. At the end of the training course, each participant was presented with a _______ of completion.
A. certificate B. diploma C. degree D. qualification
Question 9. His speech _______ little or no relation to the topic given.
A. was B. reflected C. gave D. bore

Question 10. I wouldn’t like to be a senior manager. You have to _____ a lot of responsibility.
A. suggest B. carry C. convey D. bear

Question 11. _______ of the financial crisis, all they could do was hold on and hop that things would improve.
A. On the top B. At the height C. In the end D. At the bottom

Question 12. My friends have just moved to a new flat in the residential area on the _____of Paris.
A. side B. outskirts C. suburbs D. outside

Question 13. The cinema is no longer as popular as it was in the 1930's and 1940's, but it is still an
important ______ of entertainment.
A. status B. source C. origin D. prospect

Question 14. He applied for a teaching ______ at Bales University with great confidence.
A. employment B. post C. work D. career

Question 15. In a formal interview, it is essential to maintain good eye ______ with the interviewers.
A. link B. connection C. touch D. contact

Question 16. As the drug took ______, the boy became quieter.
A. force B. influence C. action D. effect

Question 17. A survey was ______ to study the effects of smoking on young adults.
A. commented B. filled C. conducted D. carried

Question 18. Action films with big stars tend to _______ great public attention.
A. achieve B. show C. attract D. reach

Question 19. One recipe for success is to stay focused and_______ yourself to whatever you do.
A. apply B. attach C. assign D. adhere

Question 20. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to ______________ your feelings when I said such a thing.
A. injure B. hurt C. destroy D. break

Question 21. The film was so intriguing that the audience were all ___________ to the screen until the end.
A. stuck B. hooked C. glued D. attached

Question 22. A key component of Industry 4.0 is the Internet of Things characterized by the connections of all mobile ____________.
A. accessories B. devices C. utensils D. vehicles

Question 23. My aunt used to sell vegetables at the local market to ___________ a living.
A. earn B. do C. take D. have

Question 24. Young people are ambitious by nature, so they tend to set their ____________ high on
whatever they do.
A. visions B. sights C. views D. eyes

Question 25. In most countries, photocopying books without the publisher's permission is clearly a
copyright ______________.
A. interference B. interpretation C. infringement D. infliction

Question 26. _____________ to fame at an early age may have a negative influence on children's psychological development.
A. Approaching B. Reaching C. Going D. Rising

Question 27. My aunt excitedly ________ a compliment on the scarf I knitted for her as a birthday
A. took B. passed C. paid D. caught

Question 28. My aunt excitedly ______ a compliment on the scarf I knitted for her as a birthday.
A. took B. passed C. paid D. caught

Question 29. Lawyers are naturally keen to have ________ with anyone who could provide him with incontrovertible evidences concerning the lawsuits they’re in charge.
A. contact B. association C. connection D. communication

Question 30. Regardless of our background, Linda and Henry always think of each other _______ true have nds.
A. as B. like C. same D. similar

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