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luyendich Bài tập từ vựng (Practice test 1+2)

Đỗ Thị Lan Hương

Cộng tác viên
Thành viên BQT
Từ vựng vô cùng quan trọng trong tiếng Anh. Cùng tham khảo một số bài kiểm tra từ vựng nhé!

Vocabulary test.png

Practive test 1
Choose the one answer (A, B, C, or D) which best fits the space.

1. He _____ being given a receipt for the bill he had paid.
A. asked to B. demanded C. insisted on D. required

2. Some _______actions have been taken to help protect wildlife at this national park.
A. survival:sự tồn tại B. disposal:vứt bỏ C. postal:thuộc bưu điện D. remedial:thuộc trị liệu

3.The demand for energy is _______more rapidly than ever.
A. exported B. decreased C.raising D. increasing

4. His performance was_______ ;the audience was delighted.
A. unmarked:ko dấu vết B. faultless:ko có sai xót C. worthless:ko đánh giá D. imperfect:ko hoàn hảo

5. But why did the police suspect ỵoụ? It just does not make _____to me
A. reason:có ý nghĩa B. right C. sense D. truth

6. I’ve just been offered a new job! Things are_______.
A. turning up B. clearing up C. making up D. looking up:khả quan tốt đẹp hơn

7. In the end I _______the form in disgust, arid threw it away.
A. filled in B. worked out C. tore up D. put off

8. His company him with a car and samples of their products.
A. gives B. supplies C. replies D. places

9. It took weeks for her to over her illness
A. be B. come C.turn D. get

10. You have to the person with the ball until you catch themes
A. chase B. rush C.jump D. drop

11. The fans climbed over the fence to_________ paying.
A. avoid B. prevent C.abandon D. refuse

12. I had no that the divorce rate was so high in this country.
A. knowledge B. idea C. doubt D. understand

13. A railway bridge is already over the river.
A. been erected B. erecting C. in construction D. being built

14. It was very difficult for the inspector towhat recommendations he should make.
A. realize B. settle C.solve D. decide

15. This is not the right to ask for my help; I am far too busy even to listen!
A. moment B. situation C. opportunity D. circumstance

16. The job of student lodgings officer many visits to landladies.
A. concerns B. offers C. asks D. involves

17. It is ____knowledge in the village that Mr. and Mrs. Thorne quarrel violently several times a week
A. common B. complete C. normal D. usual

18. “Which one do you want?” “I’m not sure I can a choice. I like all of them.”
A. do B. choose C. make D. take

19. The volcano had been for hundreds of years before theeruption last month.
A. dying B. fixed C. asleep D. dormant

20. The of plastic bags gathered was nearly the same in bothyears.
A. number B. lot C. percent D. amount

21. After the accident, the injured cyclist was in great .
A. agony B. suffering C.hurt D. pain

122. There was nothing special about his clothes _____ from his flowery tie.
A. but B. except C.other D. apart

23. She always the crossword in the paper before breakfast.
A. makes B. writes C.does D. works

24. When the tenants failed to pay their bill, the authorities decided to cutthe gas supply to the flat.
A. down B. out C.across D. off

25. His parents agreed tohim their car while they were away onholiday.
A. borrow B. lend C.hire D. let

Practice test 2

Choose the one answer (A, B, C, or D) which best fits the space.

1. You should always try to your best.
A. do B. make C. have D. create

2. The role of the heart in love must come from what happens to it when a person feels strongly__________to someone.
A. appealed B. liked C.attracted D. adored

3. The bank won’t lend you the money without some that you will Ipay it back.
A. profit B. interest C. charge D. guarantee

4. The local clubs are making everyto interest more youngpeople.
A. appreciation B. advances C. effort D. way

5. Due to a ______of water, a rationing plan was established.
A. supply B. scarcity C. vacancy D. sufficiency

6. We should spend the money on something that willeveryone.
A. gain B. use C. benefit D. make

7. Discovering the secrets of human genes was a great scientific _______.
A. breakthrough B. research C. source D. breakdown

8. David was trying to_________another cyclist when he crashed.
A. overpass B. overcome C. overtake D. overcharge

9. I fell over while skiing and my sister had to________a doctor
A. bring B. take C. fetch D. carry

10. This canned soup a lot of salt.
A. considers B. contains C. holds D. involves

11. After dinner, the President got up to a short speech.
A. make B. provide C. hold D. tell

12. I can’t walk in these high-heeled boots. I keep .
A. falling off B. falling back C. falling out D. falling over

13. Why is my swimming costume too small? What are you?
A. seeing to B. getting at C. making up D. putting out

14. The stolen jewels were a lot of money.
A valued B. cost C. priced D. worth

15. Kennedy left a _____ impression on the people who heard his inaugural address.
A. continuous B. long C.sustainable D. lasting

16. These figures show a in the number of unemployed people England and Wales.
A. loss B. lessening C. reduction D. lowering

17. She never says a word: she’s as as a mouse.
A. quiet B. small C. slight D. noiseless

18. After he had broken his leg, Henry could only go up and down stairs
A. hardly B. in difficulties.C. with difficulty D. hard

19. I don’t really winter sports very much.
A. deal with B. face up to C. go in for D. get round to

20. Martin has quite a good of physics.
A. result B. pass C. understanding D. head

21. In Britain, children start school at the age of five.
A. kindergarten B. secondary C. nursery D. primary

22. This cloth very thin.
A. feels B. touches C. holds D. handles

23. I am sorry I opened your handbag but I it for mine.
A. mistook B. confused C. recognized D. imagined

24. When you come to our country, there are some Vietnamese table manners that you should.
A. do B. make C. use D. observe

25. The company wanted to alliances with other motor manufacturers.
A. do B. take C. forge D. come

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