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Luyện thi đại học - Number 19


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Choose the sentence of the same meaning.

1. There had been prior warning of the flood; nevertheless, it came as a shock to the people living in remote villages.

A. Even though the flood had been predicted, inhabitants of isolated villages were taken by surprise by it.
B. There had been warnings about the flood, so the people in isolated villages must not have been surprised by it.
C. The flood had been predicted, so even those people living in isolated villages were prepared for it.
D. The flood had been predicted, yet the people in isolated villages were struck brfore they received the warnings.

2. It isn't just that the level of education of this school is high, it's that it's also been consistent for years.

A. The level of education in this school, which is usually quite high, shows only slight variations from year to year.
B. The standard of education is not high in this school, but at least all the students are at the same level.
C. Not only are the standards of education good in this school, but it has maintained those standards over the years.
D. It isn't fair to deny that this school is successful, as it has had the same high standards for many years now.

3. In Japan, as in Turkey, it is unthinkable to enter a house wearing shoes.

A. The Japanese and the Turks are culturally very similar, an example of which is not wearing shoes inside.
B. Nobody even considers going into a home with shoes on in Japan, and this custom is the same in Turkey.
C. What the Turks appriciate about the Japanese is that, like them, they too don't like wearing shoes in the house.
D. Japan and Turkey are exactly the same, even to the point that shoes are not worn in the house.

4. Taking photographs inside the museum is strictly forbidden.

A. We were only able to take photos of the museum's exterior.
B. It's not advisable to try to bring a camera into the museum.
C. People are not allowed to photograph the interior of the museum.
D. No one has ever taken a photo inside the museum.

5. None of his classmates can complete with him as regerds his mathematical genius.

A. In mathematics, he is by far the best student in his class.
B. He si in competition with his classmates for the position of mathematical genius.
C. In competitions, he ususlly beats the others in his class when the subject is maths.
D. Nobody in his class considers him to be a genius at maths.

6. Of the people interviewed, all were in favour of the government proposal.

A. No one was interviewed unless they thought the government's proposal was advantageous.
B. They only interviewed people who were positive about the government's proposal.
C. Only the people who weren't interviewed were against the government's proposal.
D. Everyone who was interviewed thought that the government's proposal was a good idea.

7. As opposed to being beneficial, too much sleep can actually lower a person's performance.

A. Sleeping a little more than necessary can greatly improve one's health.
B. An excess of sleep may be worse for a person rather than better.
C. People who are very active feel the benefit of rest more than those who aren't.
D. If a person is really tired, it is better for him to sleep a little more than he really needs.

8. So far, thanks to the fine weather, the project has gone according to schedule.

A. There hasn't yet been any bad weather to cause a change in the project's schedule.
B. Unless the weather turns in our favour, trying to keep to the schedule is far from being realistic.
C. The plans could not have gone ahead so quickly if they hadn't been helped by good weather.
D. The project can only proceed as scheduled if the climate permits.

9. The accident wasn't her fault because her car was stationary at the time.

A. You can't blame her for not moving when the accident occurred.
B. She wasn't responsible for the accident since it took place after she'd stopped.
C. She was too slow at stopping the car in time to avoid the accident.
D. As her car wasn't moving when the accident happened, she wasn't to blame for it.

10. Quite apart from the fact that he is unattractive, Ben just doesn't have a very likeable personality.

A. It's just because he looks ugly that people don't like Ben.
B. Not only does Ben not like other poeple, he also looks ugly.
C. Besides not being very good-looking, Ben just isn't a nice person.
D. Although it's not a very pleasant thing to say, Ben just isn't nice at all.

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